One of the best possessions that you can acquire as a man or a lady is a good quality wristwatch. What better way to get the best watch than to buy a Rado wristwatch that guarantees you of the best quality!


In the contemporary world, there exist many companies that manufacture watches, many of them making fake or replica pieces. Rado is among the companies that have set itself apart as leaders in producing high quality and durable watches that satisfy a wide array of customers’ needs. However, it is said that this great trade has been invaded by quacks who make fake watches, much to the chagrin of the general public.


In case you have been wondering some of the ways that you can use in identifying fake and replica Rado watches, then this article is the best piece for you.


Part 1- Famous Rado Series

Being a reputable brand, Rado has been on the frontline in ensuring that they deliver the best quality watches to their clients worldwide. Some of the famous series that have been manufactured by the company are listed below:

  1. The Original Quartz
  2. The Original Automatic- L
  3. Centrix- Diamonds- Quartz-L
  4. Centrix- Quartz-L
  5. Coupole Classic- Automatic-L
  6. True-Diamonds- Automatic-L
  7. Hyperchrome- Automatic


Part 2- Comparison Between Rado Replica and the Authentic


There is a sharp contrast between Rado watches that are authentic and those that are a replica. If you never knew of the ways of distinguishing the two, then the tips below can be useful to you:

  • Genuine Rado watches have vertical screw slots whereas replicas will have crossed slots.
  • Replica Rado watches have gold plates on their backs while authentic ones are devoid of the gold plating.
  • Authentic Rado watches wind smoothly without any difficulty while ones that are replicas exhibit challenges in unwinding.
  • Authentic Rado watches have eight-digit serial numbers while replicas have a total of 13 digits


Advantages of Rado Replica Watches


Various reasons about why some people prefer replica Rado watches to authentic ones. Some of them are highlighted below:


  • They are inexpensive- therefore, many people end up saving a lot of money when they purchase them. Watches that have been branded and are chronographs are very expensive and may cost an arm and a leg!


  • Replica Rado watches can easily be ordered online- this is because of the many websites that sell them. Some order them to save time since they can seamlessly do it from the comfort of their living rooms.


How to Identify a High-Quality Fake Rado Timepiece


You can use the steps below to identify high-quality fake Rado timepieces:


  1. They do not glow or have poor luminous quality when their dials are held in the dark.


  1. Some of them may have spelling mistakes on the dial. Words such as “Made in Switzerland” and “Limited Edition” may be misspelt.


The Bottom Line


Buying the right wristwatch starts with knowing how to identify authentic watches from replicas and fakes. Indeed, by following the above tips, you should rest assured that you will not fall victim to buying a replica or fake Rado watch.