The Brand IWC is without a doubt the epitome of the masterly of modern-day chronograph design and engineering. Not only does it have all the bells and whistles of a present-day luxury timepiece but also bears the same par-excellence accuracy that ancient Portuguese explorers and navigators were well-known for. These are the likes of Magellan, Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias who mapped over 90% of the world’s atlas as we know it. That aside, the recognizable and popular wrist watch has undergone a series of refinement and fine-tuning over the past nine decades to give rise to the almost impeccable, timeless and flawless watch we have today.




Apart from its well-known precision and accuracy, IWC Schaffhausen also boasts of variety and versatility. The brand has 3 main series which are purposely designed for a particular demographic and target market. These include: the IWC’s Pilot Watches – which is a collection of full-range automatic luxury timepieces. If you dare to dig deeper further, you will come across the IWC’s Da Vinci Collection which is recognizable by the sleek, formal-looking, business-style chronographs. Lastly, IWC is also home to the Portugieser Perpetual Calendar – a top-of-the-range chronometer that is designed to tell not only the time but also the date and month, all of this with unparalleled accuracy.



Contrast of the replica and the authentic IWC

Having said this, as much as IWC Schaffhausen genuine watches are the ultimate mark of chronometry sophistication, there’s no denying that they are ultra expensive, and a tad overpriced. Now, considering that you can enjoy over 90% of an authentic IWC watch superior build quality without necessarily parting with hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it easy to see why replica IWC watches are a cut above the rest. You get almost the same quality perks that genuine IWC watches encompass, without necessarily having to break your bank or burn your wallet. In other words, its nothing short of a rare steal – same sleekness, same glitz, same accuracy but only at a fraction of the cost of an overpriced Portuguese watch.



Advantages of the replicas

What’s more, some of the best IWC replicas are so accurately ‘replicated’ that it is almost impossible for one to tell the difference between the fake and the real deal from just a glance. If anything, it will take the expertise of a seasoned watch collector to spot a fake from a pool of other genuine IWC watches. And this only goes to show that you can rock your fake IWC wristwatch confidently without worrying that anyone else can tell its inauthenticity, not unless they have some real interest in IWC watches and have interacted with more than a dozen of genuine IWC wristwatches. So, save your money, get the best of both worlds by rocking an IWC replica. After all, it’s as good ( if not better ) than the genuine thing.