The Brand

U-Boat is a brand established way back 1942– a time when the Italian navy, Ilvo Fontana, decided to create a watch that meets the mechanical and technical qualifications of navy watches, where proper calculations is integral. From then on, this passion was passed down from generations, and Ilvo’s grandson, Italo Fontana decided to perfect this craft.


The result was the U-Boat watches. Watches that are best known for their easy readability even in low light, and the bold design they have. That’s why U-Boat watches are very unique, and it suits the taste of most men.


Helpful Tips When Buying U-Boat Replica Watches

  1. Decide What You Want to Buy

Before anything else, even if you’re just getting a U-Boat replica watch, it’s still important to decide which model you want to buy, as there are a lot of U-Boat replica watches available.

  1. Look for a Trusted Dealer

To ensure that you’ll only get the best quality, look for a trusted dealer of replica watches. It should be someone with a good customer record and reputation. These dealers sell hundreds of watches monthly, giving you the assurance that you won’t get ripped off. It’s also important that the place where you’re going to buy your U-Boat watch offers a money-back guarantee and warranty.

  1. Quality Control

Reputable dealers check the replica watches before sending a photo to their customer. By doing this, it prevents the trouble of opening a dispute or filing a refund later on. As a consumer, don’t be afraid to ask a series of questions, such as if there are any scratches or dents– most especially if there are imperfections noticeable. The imprints should also be checked.


How to Maintain Your U-Boat Watch

If you want your watch to last for many years, it’s very important to take care of it. That’s why most experts suggest having it inspected every 3-4 years by an authorized dealer. Aside from that, here are some useful tips to consider:

– Never leave your watch in locations where the temperature fluctuates ridiculously, nor in direct sunlight or with strong magnetic fields.

– Whenever your watch has been immersed in water, make sure that you dry it completely.

– U-Boat watches with leather straps are more difficult to maintain due to their porous nature. To avoid discoloration, keep it away from solvents, detergents, oily substances, and cosmetics.

– Stay away from vibrations and extreme shocks, such as mountain biking, and playing tennis.