If people want to have a function timepiece, maybe Patek Philippe will give a hand. This replica Complications Timing 5204P-011 is really need to have. This perpetual candler chronograph moon phrase black men watch is smart with the silver case and the black leather strap. While the real and replica has some difference in details. More detailed data are as follows:

The Differences Between Real Vs Replica Patek Philippe Complications Watch 5204P-011
The real one has Track circle that seem classic and simple. The replica timing with dot circle shows a modern and gentle feeling to the customers. And I like the dot circle that reflects the brand.

Equipped with the CHR 29-535 PS Q manual mechanical movement, the real watch work well and can offer the enough energy for the functions of the watch. The replica watch with ASIAN Mechanical movement is always high-quality. What’s more, the replica watch operates more easily than manual mechanical timing.

Case back
The real owns the Snap Off/ on case back with whole Sapphire crystal glass, which is clean and beautiful without decoration. While the replica watch has the screw down case back with center sapphire crystal glass. And the Swiss 316L Steel exhibition case back shows more features about the watch that can make owner understands the watch.

Leather strap process
The double watches all has the black crocodile leather strap. The real use the same tone stitching, and the replica takes the two tone black-white stitching. No matter which tone, it doesn’t affect the appearance of the strap.

The real watch has unique Fold Over Clasp with Safety, which has the logo of brand class pattern. And the replica timing owns simple Pin buckle with the words”Patek Philippe”. In my opinion, I prefer the buckle of real watch. Not only for its beautiful shape, but also for its exquisite workmanship that is eye-catching.

Except the chronograph, the real timepiece has the push button, the other one owns the flat crown. Maybe the former looks unique, while the latter is more practical.

The Steel Bars for attaching band
The real has a built – in Steel Bar, and the replica usew the screw in Steel Bar. Which one is better depends on personal preference.

The real watch is made of Stainless steel, while the replica timepiece has the Swiss 316L Steel as its material. As we all know, the Stainless steel and the Swiss 316L Steel are the steel. Only stainless steel is just ordinary steel, and Swiss 316L Steel is added with more anti-corrosion material, which seems better than stainless steel. So it is always used to make the high-end timing.