As the pace of life changes, the timing watch has become commonplace. Therefore, the brands began to make breakthroughs on the basis of the original, presenting different functional watches for consumers. Then I will show you a different chronograph today–the simple structure is not lacking in fashion, and the complex design shows elegance. I believe that everyone will shine brightly. Although this is a replica watch, the craftsmanship is not inferior.

The front view of replica 5370P-001 is very classic and attractive. The case is made of Swiss 316L Steel and has a diameter of 41 mm. Sliver case is matched with a delicate and beautiful inner bezel. Slightly arched mirror adds a touch of sophistication to the watch. The small chronograph dial at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock has a classic colour. Willow-shaped hands and hour markers are paired with luminous layers to make the watch’s reading time clearer. The design of the two-second chasing needle has become a highlight of the watch dial.

The presence of the tachometer scale on the watch perfectly balances the sub-dial scale, giving life to the disc. As the watch has black dial, too small markers with the contrast of the color matching is not clear enough, it will make the overall effect of the watch dark. However, the glossy dial should be different from the satin or matte finish.

The dial uses a precise controlled cooling technology to make the black more transparent. This replica watch has fine sleek and polished, which reflects very refined. The black disc reflects light for a more consistent contrast. White transfer scale is subtle and pleasing that looks very enjoyable. The thickness of case is elegant and easily guides people to put more attention on the side of dial.

From the lugs to the convex bezel, people have the familiar feeling of Ref.130! The strap of the lugs protrudes, which are the more unique classic design. Convex structure hides the strap hole on the back, which is an excellent decoration. The long groove end of the case is perfectly joined to the convex Swiss 316L Steel structure and integrated with the lugs. This is the first time in the history of brand to adopt such a design.

The bezel is brushed and polished, and the grain curve is subtly curved. Size of sliver crown is aesthetically pleasing. Two timing function buttons control the start, stop and reset functions of the timing device. A button at the crown controls the start-stop of the two-second chasing function. Not only structure is well-proportioned, but function is also very convenient and practical. The top of the button is polished and the side is brushed, which is in line with the case finishing process.

Hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap with the signature folding clasp is more prefect.