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Replica Movado Classic Museum--Most famous and popular in all Movados
Movado is a luxury watch brand, whose name is Esperanto for "movement" (although the company's (incorrect) translation is "always in motion"). The brand's parent company, Movado Group, Inc., was founded in Switzerland in 1983 by Cuban-born Gedalio Grinberg.

Movado Classic Museum watches are an elegant line of mens and ladies watches produced by Movado. This series of replica Movado watches features a precise and reliable battery operated quartz movement encased in a solid stainless steel case and bracelet, with gold tone available in some models. These fake Movado Classic Museum feature the celebrated museum dial, known the world over as the signature of Movado watches. Elegant in design and superb in functionality, this series of Movado watches is an elegant and bold statement of class for any occasion, formal and casual alike.