As the continual improvement of just living standards, people are increasingly pursue more things especially the spiritual level, there is no wonder that luxury goods are becoming more popular, like extravagance luxury watches, one factor must be mentioned is that the Rolex is one of the representatives, luxurious watches it may come to fulfill people's kinds of needs.

Rolex have been always dedicated to the introduction of diving watch, in 2008 ,the watch that can deal with the lower sides of deep-ocean was born, it could reach a depth not specifically for the study of deep-sea submarine however a good deal much deeper than most submarine exploration, additionally to humans viable depth ,hundredfold depth. So advanced diving watch its name is Deep sea watches, Rolex created for underwater exploration specially.

There is no one watch that can compare with the design of the Rolex Deep sea, new generation of Rolex Deep sea timepieces can withstand water depth of 3900 meters (12,800 ft), with unique and innovative design, fully satisfy the most stringent needs of professional divers, Rolex Deep Sea whether in rugged, precision, functionality, and reliability will lay a brand new standard, Rolex Deep Sea is definitely the best Oyster watch, can stand the challenges. Its 44 mm Oyster situation with patent Ring lock system, makes it become an achievement of durable and practical watch. This pioneering spirit constantly lead the development of the Rolex Oyster watch, help Rolex create more and more classic watches.

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