Within the 40-50's of 20th century, increasingly more researchers, specialists as well as the overall population uncovered towards the electromagnetic atmosphere, for example power plants, large industrial facilities, railway locomotives and so forth, When individuals put on the standard mechanical watches within the electromagnetic atmosphere in excess of 60 to 70 Gauss, (named following the German physical mathematical and astronomer Carl Friedrich Gauss electromagnetic pressure unit), started to get electromagnetic influence, seriously influence the precision of watches, so when the electromagnetic intensity greater than 1000 Gauss, movement can not work normally and even stop running.

MILGAUSS watch showed up in 1956, designed for engineers and technicians who work in the electromagnetic atmosphere , MILGAUSS is outfitted with Rolex core patent protection antimagnetic cover, diamagnetic capacity is up to 1000 Gauss . Effectively solved the interference of magnetic field.

MILGAUSS watch takes a fully self-developed 3131 automatic winding movement, with unmatched reliability, Additionally, it uses the highest technology that Rolex patented, be sure that the watch can withstand the magnetic interference. What is the most important, MILGAUSS have Oyster bracelet with Oyster buckle. Additionally, it arrives with cleverly designed and simple transfer links, can be simply extended strap of approximately 5 mm long, in every situation, much more comfortable to put on.

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